Assessing with a unit test framework: variations of approach


This work describes two different uses of a Unit Testing Framework for automated marking of programming assignments. Usually unit testing focuses on verifying the correctness of individual methods. Here we firstly show how to use unit tests to give novice programmers feedback as they learn how to code simple data-centric Creation, Retrieval, Updating and Deletion (CRUD) tasks. Following this there is an explanation of how advancing novice programmers can be guided to create robust methods in a complex system through the feedback from automated acceptance tests. These are novel variations of the standard use of unit tests for automatic assessment of programming assignments and showcase the possibilities for vocational focused programming courses.


Lance, M., Sarkar, A., Bian, R.




Conference Contribution - Paper in published proceedings


Lance, M., Sarkar, A. & Bian, R. (2010). Assessing with a unit test framework: variations of approach. In S. Mann & M. Verhaart (Eds.). 1st Annual Conference of Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (incorporating 23rd Annual NACCQ) (pp. 101-106). Hamilton, New Zealand: CITRENZ.


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