Celebrity, infamy, poker


A celebrity world that receives surprisingly little attention is poker. Yet it’s one richly populated with its own celebrities and the celebration of success, both financial and reputational. Recently, there have been two new reasons to look at poker, and two questions that arise in the process. One reason was the release in March 2012 of a new documentary on poker, All-in: the poker movie, narrated by Hollywood star Matt Damon. The other was poker’s Black Friday on 15 April 2011, when US regulators closed down its biggest online-gambling sites, charging three major poker sites with bank fraud, illegal gambling and extensive money laundering.


Austrin, T., Farnsworth, J.




Journal Article


Austrin, T. & Farnsworth, J. (2012). Celebrity, infamy, poker. Celebrity Studies, 3(3), 337-339.

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Link to the article webpage http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19392397.2012.717767#abstract 


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